Friday, November 24, 2006

Maven2 : Evil or Not?

Guys, I have very little time to blog these days, too much work, but let me do a complaint.

Since my colleague Gianugo talked me about it, I've always been a strong supporter of Maven2.

It is true that it is a kind of black magic.
It is true that it has a (very) poor dependencies conflict resolver.
But hey, it let you manage your build process with very little configuration effort, has a good convention over configuration approach, let you centralize your dependencies, has a wide community and ... is cool (should I have mentioned this as first?).
So, since I started to use it, I have to say it helped me very much in speeding up my build management process.

But please, guys: can someone tell me why there are tests that succeed when executed by my preferred IDE, and fail when executed by Maven2?

Weeks ago I've already discovered serious problems between Maven2 and static inner classes, but now I can't really find any workaround.

Some times ago my colleague Ugo Cei started blogging about the question: Goolge: evil or not?

Now it is my time: Maven2 : evil or not?