Sunday, April 23, 2006

Code that is worth reading

I must suggest you to read the following blog entry by Gregor Hohpe: March is Not a Number.

It well emphasises the importance of a well written, expressive, code, showing also another example of how fluent interfaces can help you write such a code.
Obviously, it is also related to Domain Driven Design!

Have a nice reading!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Is there some hope in Italy?

My blog friend Roni Burd recently blogged about his difficulties in founding money funds for going in United States and attending a Master in Software Engineering in the Carnegie Mellon college.

Roni comes from Argentina: its recent economic collapse left people savings very devaluated, and lowered people salaries to a mean, as Roni said, of about $ 18.000 per year for a good salary.

Italy situation is different in many aspects, but I have to say, Roni, that its economic situation is a disaster, and you are definitely not alone.
I know a lot of people here in Italy who studied/worked hard for years, and whose salary is near $ 18.000 per year, even lower.

Thanks, Mr. Silvio, thanks to you and all your cronies.

Now that Left seems to have won elections, maybe something will change.
I don't believe at all in our government, either Left or Right or whatever.
I don't believe in politicians ... maybe because I don't believe in humans ...
But I strongly know what is right and what is bad.
And Mr. Silvio Berlusconi is definitely bad for my country.

Good bye Mr. Silvio.
Good bye to you, your lies, your horses, your ghost horses.

Good bye.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

New look, again

As you can notice, I've changed my blog look again.
I hope this new layout and colours will enhance your reading, in particular making it more relaxing ...
I must admit old colours were not so eye-relaxing, in particular for long posts ... but now they are a lot more readable and I also love this new look and feel!

The only thing I have to define is how to write long code snippets in a reasonable way and with a good layout ... I've played with PrettyPrinter and CodeColorizer ... I hope to find soon a good way of writing code snippets.

In the meanwhile, I'd be glad of knowing your opinion about this new look and feel, if you care to spend some words about it.

And again, have a nice reading!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Very busy ...

Hello all,

too bad, in these past weeks I've been very busy and I wasn't able to post anything.

I spent most of my time in refactoring a legacy corporate banking application, in order to make its core components using the Spring Framework for configuration and dependencies management.

However, I also spent a lot of time working on a brand new open source project aimed at extending the beautiful Spring Framework.
Born during the training on the job sessions about Spring I'm holding, backed by discussions with the Domain Driven Design community, after a lot of deep development, it will be ready soon for its first source release ...

Stay tuned!