Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Talking about Montag

Montag is my main effort into the Open Source Community.

It is a SOAP Web Services system for interacting with Native XML Databases, but here I don't want to talk about what it is, and what is not ... for this, you can take a look at its web site.
I'd rather want to take a look at its future.

Montag 0.8 will have, first of all, a consistent core code refactoring and rewriting, in order to support new features and better accommodate future changes.
The new features released for the next version will be:
  • New services and full document/literal style for all services, based on WS-I Basic Profile.
  • New authorization system based on per-service permissions, different from the Unix-like permission system implemented by many Native XML Databases.
  • New authentication system using WS-Security UsernameTokenProfile.
  • Support for specific non-XML:DB Native XML Databases, like Berkeley DB XML.
All these changes and features are already in development or will start soon to be, but will obviously require a considerable amount of time to be completely developed.
So, prior to the 0.8 final version, a certain number of binary development snapshots will be released, in order to give "fresh meat" to Montag users and to test new features.
They will not be documented, except for some news announcement, but will be supported in the mailing list.

Stay tuned.
Montag's story continues.


Riccardo said...

Ciao sergio!
Non ti seccare se scrivo in italiano,temevo di fare brutta figura con l'inglese!
Speriamo che il tuo progetto vada bene.

Best regards


Alessio La Spada said...

Hola sergio!
Best wishes for your new job and the next Montag's release.

Talking about music and literature?It sounds very interesting!

See ya!

Sergio Bossa said...

Thank you, my friends!

Hope to read you often.

Have a nice week-end!