Friday, November 11, 2005

Your Face Tomorrow

Sometimes I wonder if my life would be a lot better and easier if I didn't know anything.
Anything about people, I mean.
Anything about my friends, my family, even about me, even about unknown people.

This is a strange thing to tell and I don't know if anything of you can understand, but what I think is that people, but I'd rather better say humans, rarely know by itself what they really are and want.
They often build castles and paint pictures of what they would like to be, of what life should be, but this is not reality.
Reality is never clear.

And being unclear in respect of yourself, how can you be clear in respect of other people?

So, I'll never know how your face will look tomorrow, and probably will never know also mine.
I'll never know my friends, my enemies, what is good and what is bad, so the only thing we have to do is trust or don't trust, and left all to time and destiny, which I think, time and destiny, are the same.

This is what people do, this is what people is used to do and want to do, and this is what permit them to stay safe.
Shut your eyes, your mouth, your ears, and be safe.
Because knowing something about you, about people, about life, something that you'd never want to know, really hurts.

I can assure you, waking up some day, discovering that you are not what you think and what you'd like to be, and that people living with you is not what appear to you ... really, really, hurts.

Knowing that your life is somewhat predictable, at least that you could predict what will be good or bad, could kill you, because this would force you to confront life face by face, and would revoke the possibility to say: "I didn't know, I could never have predicted this."

Knowing is responsability.

So, "we love to throw away our shield, marching mild and waving our spear like an ornament".


Inspired by Your Face Tomorrow - Fever and Spear, a novel by Javier Marias.

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Sergio... ma va a lavura'!


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