Monday, May 29, 2006

Caught by an iPod Nano

Ok, it finally happened some days ago: I bought a black Apple iPod Nano.

I don't generally fall in love with all those fashionable things (mmmhhhh ... maybe sometimes ...), but this time Apple caught me with its iPod Nano, and I have to say it's worth one's while.

You may know I'm a proud Linux user, so here are some tools you may want to use for making your iPod talking with your good Penguin:

  • IPodSlave, an experimental KDE I/O slave for accessing your iPod from Konqueror and other applications supporting I/O slaves.

  • GTKPod, a GTK application for managing your iPod, stable and fully working, but a bit ugly.

  • amaroK, the best Linux media player, which in its latest 1.4 version comes with full iPod support, becoming a full replacement for Apple iTunes!

If you have a modern Linux distribution, I strongly suggest you to give a try to amaroK 1.4.

Happy listening!

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