Friday, July 14, 2006

Spring Modules 0.5 and the XT Framework

Today, Spring Modules 0.5 has been released.

It contains a lot of improvements, as you can read from the announcement, among which you can find my main contribution to the project: the brand new Spring Modules XT Framework.

Born toward the end of the last year as SpringXT, you can find its old (never publicly announced) home page here, I'm proud and happy to say it is now a top level module of Spring Modules!

What is it?

Spring Modules XT, strongly influenced by modern Domain-Driven Design techniques and Ajax technologies, has a main aim: let you develop simple-to-complex business applications with your domain model in mind, and let you easily and powerfully construct the presentation layer of your domain model thanks to Spring MVC and Ajax techniques.
So, it provides an XT Modeling Framework, implementing Domain-Driven Design and AOP based techniques for enhancing your domain model, and XT Ajax Framework, an Ajax implemention which doesn't require you to learn any other framework or deeply change your application, because completely built on (and thought for) Spring MVC.

I invite you to take a look at its documentation and play with it.
It is just at its first stable release and it needs a lot of feedback!

Above all that, give the whole Spring Modules project a look, pick the module you need ... and let us know through its forum and mailing lists!

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