Sunday, December 10, 2006

Spring Modules 0.7 and XT Framework Highlights

Hi guys,

I'm pleased to announce here the new Spring Modules 0.7 release.
We have made several changes (you can find the general changelog here), so I suggest you to update to the new release.

Talking about the XT Framework, here is a short list of the most important changes:

XT Modeling Framework :

  • New annotations for better controlling the DynamicBeanIntroductor behaviour.

XT Ajax Framework :

  • Enhanced integration with Prototype and Scriptaculous JavaScript libraries (in particular, full support for effects and drag and drop).
  • New components, in particular the JspComponent, which let you dynamically send JSP contents through Ajax.
  • Support for mapping more Ajax handlers to the same web path.
  • Enhanced DefaultValidationHandler, for easy Ajax validation.

Take a look at the whole XT documentation for a full taste of all XT Framework features ... any feedback will be very welcomed!

As a final, yet important, note, I'd like to thank all the Spring Modules community, and all Spring Modules developers: it's always a pleasure to work with keen guys!

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