Sunday, January 21, 2007

Join Us: Be Commons-Logging Free!

Johannes invited his readers to revise their code in order to remove all dependencies on Jakarta Commons-Logging (JCL).

It is simple: JCL gives you a lot of class loading problems, often driving you mad.
If you've never had class loading problems while deploying your Simple Servlet / Complex JEE application which makes use of JCL, if you've never struggled for making JCL use that damn Log4j configuration file, you're surely one of the luckiest person in the world, so hurry up and go buying that lottery ticket!

That's way I always use, at least when possible, raw Log4j loggers.

However, thanks to Johannes I've discovered SLF4J: I gave it a try and in less then two minutes I've migrated my current project from JCL to it!
And what's most important : it rocks!

So, again: join us and be Commons-Logging free!


Erik van Oosten said...

I am free!

三文鱼 said...

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