Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Scarlet is out!

As I said some weeks ago, in the past two months I've been deeply involved in clustering one of the most important Open Source enterprise applications around.

Now, it is time to unveil the amazing work done here in Sourcesense, because the first public beta release of Scarlet is officially out!

Scarlet is a free, open source, clustering extension to Atlassian Jira, providing scalability and high availability to the most famous and widespread issue tracking software.
It is based on Terracotta DSO, so it's a completely transparent / easy-to-setup clustering solution: no new things to learn, no complex configurations to apply, no expensive hardware to buy ... just the same old Jira!

It has been a very challenging work with a lot of interesting technical issues: you'll surely read some articles about them in the (very) near future.

In the meantime, download and learn more about Scarlet here.
Play with it.
We need any kind of feedback : suggestions, feature requests, bug reports and alike.
Do not hesitate.
We need you.