Tuesday, June 03, 2008

On the road from Scarlet 1.0 to 1.1

Two months ago, Scarlet 1.0 GA was released: it was a very important milestone in the Scarlet life, completely covering all Jira clustering aspects.
However, there still was one major problem: Jira limited scalability caused by the existent Lucene indexing infrastructure, which was affected mainly by two problems:
  • Synchronous execution of CPU-intensive operations, causing "standard" operations like issue creation to last dozen and dozen seconds on heavy, concurrent, load.
  • Too coarse grained locks guarding CPU-intensive code blocks, causing true scalability bottlenecks.
Today, Scarlet 1.1 Beta 1 has been released, finally bringing a brand new indexing infrastructure, based on the Compass Terracotta-Lucene integration module (thanks guys for the amazing work!) and on the Terracotta distributed Master/Worker implementation, with great performance improvements and true scalability for all Jira users ... cool!
Aside from bug fixes and the upgrade to Jira 3.12.3, this will be the main driving force toward the final 1.1 release: making the new indexing infrastructure robust, fast, and scalable.

And as always, we need your help: so do not hesitate to give it a try and let us know every kind of feedback!


Akshaya said...
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Akshaya said...

Any ETA on 1.1beta2? We need the fixes planned for it and are eagerly waiting for it

Sergio Bossa said...

Hi Akshaya,

Scarlet 1.1 Beta 2 should be released in a week or so.


Sergio B.

Akshaya said...

Thank you very much!