Friday, September 09, 2005

.... and come back.

There's always a come back, wherever you go you'll always end up coming back to same place, maybe this is our destiny, maybe this is our damnation, maybe our salvation.
It's like the sea ... what if the sea didn't come back towards earth?

So, this is my "come back".

I'm in Rome since Monday, but I've been very busy until today ...
First, my Linux box with Fedora Core 3 started going crazy .... maybe it wanted to stay on holiday? .... no, I must say this, maybe it didn't like some hazardous upgrades, but this is what I most like of Linux, having all the control ... even with the risk of messing up something.
So I had to reinstall Linux, in the form of SuSE Professional 9.3, restore my backups, recreate my development environment, and so on.
Then, I had to take a look at a lot of new mails and news (still in progress)....
And, last but not least, I had to realign myself with the interrupted work ....

Wow ..... very busy.
And I must say that, even if it still needs a lot of work for personalisation, my new SuSE Linux box looks very well and comfortable ..... take a look at this:

I have a lot of ideas and news that I want to share with you ..... as always, I hope to have the time for writing about them, too!

But I'll have.
I'll have.

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