Friday, September 30, 2005

Photos from a beautiful Calabria

A friend of mine has published a very nice photo set on Focus, an italian magazine.

The subject is a beautiful Calabria which I want to share with you .... here are some links:

And my preferred one:

Take a look and if you want give them a vote!

Congratulations, Mario!


sofia said...

Watching this picture I regaine my peace of mind, thank you!

Charles Prendergast said...

Wow! Complete beautiful photographs from one of my favourite regions of Italy. I also found this wonderful photograph of a bay in region. Look at the colour of that sea! It certainly puts the dank weather we're having here in England into perspective - thanks for sharing

Sergio Bossa said...

Hi Charles and Sofia,

I'm glad you liked those pictures.
Here is another striking picture, this time from the beautiful Sicily:


Sergio B.